ProgPOW miner added

Today marks the first coin (BCI) Migrating to use ProgPOW for its algorithm. I have added a hotfix for ethOS 1.3.2 to add the miner for both Nvidia and AMD Gpus.

sudo hotfix progpow will add the miner progpowminer

Once installed you may activate the miner with
globalminer progpowminer
and setting your proxypool1 / proxywallet to correct values.
advanced configuration examples below, follows the same format as all other miners:
progpowminer=proxywallet iAjhNUCUapkP8z2PZhPn5yLfGZDuz1DXCJ

Note: This updates the Nvidia drivers for 410.57, which will change power consumption reporting on Geforce 1050 and 1050 TI on all algorithms. Nvidia has removed support for showing consumption on these cards, however setting the power limit with pwr in config still works and applys normally. We have worked around this so that power will still display by taking the cap and substracting 2 and showing that as the wattage value for these affected cards. This will provide adequate consumption information for these cards.

Note: This hotfix will not be necessary in future versions of ethOS.

Updated 9-26-2018 to show new driver version, and 1050 TI workaround.