Using pools which do not support workername with claymore-xmr or ccminer in ethOS 1.2.7

ethOS 1.2.7 released today, due to some pools for new coins not supporting worker names I have created a temporary fix that modifies minerprocess.php to not include worker name in the pool connection.

Please update ethOS normally to 1.2.7 using the instructions Updating ethOS, then use the following workaround to enable support for pools which do not support workername (XMR only)

sudo wget -O /opt/ethos/lib/minerprocess.php

Add claymore-xmr cryptonote miner 10.2 to ethOS 1.2.5 for better XMR hash, ETN and SUMO

I’ve made a script today to update ethOS 1.2.5 to include claymore-xmr as a miner option,
This is an official addition that will be added in ethOS 1.2.6 by default, but this gives you guys a chance to go ahead and get some of that sweet coin beforehand

source <(curl -s

Run the above in terminal and reboot, then you can use

globalminer claymore-xmr

in your local or remote configuration.
to use an etn pool such as

sudo wget -O /opt/ethos/lib/minerprocess.php