ethOS (preliminary) VEGA Support!

At long last! AMD RX Vega support for ethOS is available.

This is a preliminary implementation, and some features are incomplete / not yet implemented.

You can be add this support for RX Vega 56/64/Frontier Edition in the 1.3.1 version of ethOS by doing the following:

sudo hotfix vega-support

Current limitations:

No equihash/zcash miner currently supports Vega. Once a miner that is capable of mining equihash on Vega is updated, we will update to it.

Power usage is not displayed correctly on the statistics panel, as the GPU outputs it differently from other RX gpus. However, Power Limiting by using pwr does work as intended and can be used to bring down your power usage.

Claymore-xmr/sgminer-gm-xmr performance is not up to expectations. It is advised to use claymore and mine your ETHASH coin of choice at this time.

WARNING: You cannot mix RX Vega GPUs with other AMD RX 4xx/5xx GPUs currently due to differences in the openCL platform used between the devices.

Please feel free to list any issues you may encounter in the comments, but be mindful not to duplicate issues that have already been reported.

14 thoughts on “ethOS (preliminary) VEGA Support!”

  1. tested one rig, Vega 56 works about 32MHs – 35 MHs, globalpowertune 155, curently unstable, need correct core and mem clocks, please advice me. Tnx

  2. Will the version of ATIFLASH that’s included with EthOS 1.3.1 (ATIFLASH 4.25) work with Vega cards? I get ‘no adapter found’. And I’m not sure if I should try and manually update ATIFLASH or how to go about that. I read someone not to use APT-GET with ETHOS?

  3. its seem that afther sudo hotfix vega-support, miners update is broken.
    I will now test 1. reimage drive, than 2. update miners than 3. sudo hotfix vega-support
    will post if Vega 56 works better.

    Claymore 11.6 continous to mine but ethosdistro shown 0 hashes afther 10 minutes …
    i hope that 11.7 fixes that.
    I also tells to support that Vega 56 is wrong shown like Vega 64.

  4. I try the hotfix and the installation is successfull, but my Vega64 (Powercolor first edition, single fan) is not detected…. “Adapter not found” when i try “sudo atiflash -i”

  5. I’ve tested it on XFX Vega 64 and with Claymore-XMR I was getting 1,100H/s per GPU.
    On Windows you get ~ 1,800H with Claymore. And ~ 2,000H with XMR-STAK.

    Do you expect any improvements any time soon?

    1. Alex,

      We have alot of good improvements in the pipe for Vega. Unfortunately even with those improvements ~1800h/s is about as good as it gets right now until the OpenCL platform is better optimized for Vega. That is with XMR-stak and serious tuning.

  6. Hi succeeded in applying hotfix. miner starts but it crashes due to gpu Glock settings.
    have rx64 vega/s 6x
    and following setting:

    custompanel xxxxxx
    maxgputemp 85
    stratumproxy miner
    globalminer claymore
    proxywallet walletaddress
    flags –cl-global-work 8192 –farm-recheck 200
    globalcore 1590
    globalmem 945
    globalfan 85

    Should I adapt clock settings? please help

  7. Hi,
    I just tried the hotfix with two vega 64 GPUs and found out some issues:
    1. In my remote panel, the hashes, watts, volts of two vegas are always 0, and the panel warns that the rig is not hashing, but in my pool dashboard, the rig is hashing normally.
    2. Terminal always has “GPU clock problem” but the rig could hash and the clocks are shown correct in panel.
    3. The bios of vega is shown as XXX-XXX-XXX.
    4. Seems the overclocking of vega is not working as expected. Adjusting core clock and mem frequency does not noticeably change the hashrate.
    5. The performance of vega is not ideal comparing to reported result under windows.(My rig is stable at 37Mh/s per GPU and windows users reported from 40Mh/s to 44Mh/s depending on overclock).
    I do not know these are my own problems or the support is not implemented completely. But issues like 2 seems to be the problem of the ethOS although it does not influence the rig’s performance so far.
    Thank you.

  8. Hy, any thought on migrating r9 series on amdpro drivers…..because on the actual fglrx driver they are losing 0.2 hash every 10-15 days??
    Can you please look on that matter for all the r9 users.
    On windows with amdpro drivers they are running at 32 hash compared to ethos with fglrx at 29 hash.

    Please reply..and i am sorry if i am posting at a wrong section.

    1. This is something we have been working on, and hopefully will be able to roll out soon.

      One of the biggest hurdles is that clock control and power control in amdgpu is done on a per asic or per family basis, and the only ASIC that is complete is Polaris, even Fiji which is the same family technically does not have all components working. Before we can roll out support for these GPUs with amdgpu-pro we have to fix each card types functions.

  9. Any update about Vegas on ethos?
    I’m large user of ethos and I have to run somes vegas 64
    I have see on internet, in windows:
    XMR-v7 2000-2100 mh at 140-150 watts cast miner
    ETH 42-44 mh at 130-140 watts claymore miner


  10. MSI RX Vega 56 8gb identified as Vega 64 in ethos 1.3.2, settings run @ 1100/1200 which is above the o/c i used in windows 950/1450. Afraid to damage my GPU’s.
    Any attempt at changing settings fails.

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