Using pools which do not support workername with claymore-xmr or ccminer in ethOS 1.2.7

ethOS 1.2.7 released today, due to some pools for new coins not supporting worker names I have created a temporary fix that modifies minerprocess.php to not include worker name in the pool connection.

Please update ethOS normally to 1.2.7 using the instructions Updating ethOS, then use the following workaround to enable support for pools which do not support workername (XMR only)

sudo wget -O /opt/ethos/lib/minerprocess.php

5 thoughts on “Using pools which do not support workername with claymore-xmr or ccminer in ethOS 1.2.7”

  1. Hi, I’m writing you from Japan.

    If you change from “globalminer claymore-zcash” to “globalminer claymore” with local.conf or remote config, grep command on line 97 of /opt/ethos/lib/minerproccess.php will not be processed correctly.

    claymore-zcash -> claymore-xmr :Miner switched automatically.
    claymore-xmr -> claymore-zcash :Miner switched automatically.
    claymore-zcash -> claymore :Miner didn’t switch automatically.

    Perhaps because the string “claymore-zcash” contains the string “claymore”.
    Can you check the grep command on line 97 of minerproccess.php?

    ethOS 1.2.7

    Best Regards

    1. Kosuke,

      Thank you for your reply,

      This is a bug that was fixed in 1.2.9 when we revamped the “check if miner is running” portions of minerprocess. It was indeed a matching error.

  2. Great work guys really, I am impressed. Loving the distro so far, very easy to use, I do have some experience with the linux cli however which certainly has come in handy. I imagine if you took the time to make a web-based interface, might boost sales even further? I would be happy to help! (for a little bit of share if possible?)

  3. Hi Sling,
    I was wondering if you can provide a rough timeline for when EthOS plans to support the AMD Vega series. Trying to determine whether a temporary or permanent OS change is needed to start using a Vega 64 with my rig.

    I and many others enjoy EthOS thoroughly and dont want to abandon it for Windows because of the Vega chips.

    Let me know if it is possible to set up the drivers on my own in EthOS, I would be more glad to figure it out and write up a how-to for the community.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Robert,

      I have done quite alot of research on making the Vega series cards work well in linux. The short version is right now it just doesn’t.

      ROCM is the only choice for opencl stack, and most miners do not support it correctly, or just error out. Even claymore which supposedly has support for Vega does not work with ROCM.

      XMR hashrate is also under par compared to windows. Unfortunately until these things are fixed, It is not worth the effort to include, as it would just raise more questions about why the performance / compatibiltiy is not up to par.

      I am looking forward to fixes and changes from AMD in the coming months so that we can formally support VEGA and actually put all that raw compute power to use.

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